Frequently asked questions

What is the minimum age to skate?

There is no minimum age to skate, it depends a lot on the children and the parents themselves.

What is the minimum and maximum number of skates you have?

From number 24 to 50.

Is the price the same for everyone?

At Palau de Gel we have different prices for adults, children aged 6 to 15 and groups. Children under 5 have free entry accompanied by an adult. Children up to the age of 8 must always enter with an adult.

Is the ticket price per hour?

No, the ticket price is per session, not per hour, with the same price you can skate as much as you want within the schedule of a session .

Is it mandatory to wear gloves to skate?

Yes, you can bring them from home or buy them at the counter.

Is it mandatory to wear a helmet?

It is compulsory until the age of 15. We have helmets available free of charge with equipment rental.

Should I order a size or two of skates and wear thick socks?

No! The sock should not be thick, it should be normal and the skate should be the same size as the shoe socks.

How do I put on my skates?

It is important to open the laces or hooks well so that the foot can enter well, once put on, put the tongue of the boot well centered and tie the laces or hooks up to the top by stretching them well, so that the boot is well adapted to the foot, that is to say very strong skates. If your big toe touches the tip of the skate, wear another size, if instead, with your number and properly laced skates, the boot twists or hurts your ankles, heel or sole of the foot one less number

Do I have any kind of discount with a card or club?

You can find the discounts we have at any time in our discounts and promotions section. If there is none or it is expired, it means that there is no discount at that time, keep following these media until the next promotion comes out.

I have my own skates, can you sharpen them?

No problem, the price of sharpening skates is €13.00 (the pair of skates).

How should I dress?

Wear comfortable clothes and a jacket. Remember it is mandatory to wear long pants, long socks and gloves.

It is cold?

He thinks we are an ice rink ☺ and that the ambient temperature is between 12ºC and 16ºC. Yes, the atmosphere is cool. If you’re skating you won’t notice it as much as you’ll be playing sports, but if you’re looking around the rink you’ll need to cover up more.

How do I order or return skates?

Asking for skates: Once you have bought your ticket you will be given a ticket for the equipment, which you will give to the rental staff so that they can provide you with skates and a helmet (if you are under 15 years old.)

Return skates: Take off your skates and hand them to the rental staff.

To order, exchange or return skates, always stand in front of your shoe number.

In the equipment rental area, you have lockers (€1) to leave your personal belongings.

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