The most fun birthdays are at the Palace!

Summon the guests at 4 p.m.
If you choose the skating option, you must wear comfortable and warm clothes. Long socks and gloves. On the track we are at 6 degrees!
If you choose the SPLASH! you must bring a swimming cap, swimsuit, towel and flip flops.

Snack is at 6pm. The cafeteria closes at 8pm.
You can bring your own cake or entrust it to us.

Warning: No piñatas. We put a basic decoration pack. You can take the balloons with you, the rest of the decoration stays at the Palace, which we reuse.


1 hour of activity aimed at the ice rink
Monitor + skates + helmet + snack

6 to 8 years (minimum 8 children, maximum 12) extra monitor from the 9th child. €20/child
9 to 12 years (minimum 8 children, maximum 16) extra monitor from the 11th child. €21.50/child

SKATING (activity without monitor)

Free entry to the ice rink
Skates + helmet + snack

9 to 12 years (minimum 8 children, maximum 30)
1 adult invitation for every 5 children. €18.50 / child

SPLASH (activity without monitor)

1 hour of SPLASH activity + snack

Children from 1.20m tall (minimum 8 children, maximum 25)
2 adult invitations for every 15 children €18/child


  • Sweet ham and cheese bikini
  • Whip and cheese flutes
  • Cherry tomato and cheese skewer
  • Fruit skewer
  • Cream and chocolate waffles
  • Juice and Chocolate

PICA PICA PARES (optional): €9.50/parent

  • Wild potatoes
  • nachos
  • Flautini of Iberian ham and manchego
  • Soda or Cane

EXTRA (optional)

  • monitor €40
  • Snack child without activity. 9.5 €
  • cream “coca” €22
  • chocolate “coca” €24
  • Cream cake / truffle / cream and truffle
    • 8-12 children. €37
    • 15-20 children. €45
  • Gloves. €3.50
  • Shower cap. €3